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A spicy and sweet Mexican-inspired vegan menu

Kari and Chris had to do some serious leg-work to find a caterer willing to accommodate their request for their reception dinner: Mexican-inspired vegan cuisine. Thankfully, Philadelphia-based caterer Dine My Darling stepped up to help them craft a drool-worthy menu for their Philly nuptials including sweet potato tacos, pumpkin soup shots, and roasted vegetable empanadas. Let’s dish on the dishes, and be inspired, vegan Mexican-style…

Stacia & Kevin’s space-y Groundhog Day wedding with a ring bear

Our favorite member of the wedding party, the RING BEAR, returns! This time inside a space-y sci-fi-themed wedding in Seattle that includes sci-fi save-the-dates, Thai catering, and space grab bag favors. These high school sweethearts and their team of “Groundhoggers” totally know how to party (and awesomely get kicked out of the after party!).

Allison & Sage’s Buddhist gothic gluten-free wedding

With 90 days to plan their wedding, these two pulled off a fusion of Victorian Gothic and Traditional Taiwanese that will blow your mind. Her beyond-gorgeous kimono and his dapper top hat and cane make for fabulous photos, but their thoughtful buffet of eats-for-all-eaters is a real sight to see, even if they did need help figuring out how to cut the cake. PS: the rally music for paper-crane-folding party? Awesome.

Cake potluck: ask family members to bake their signature sweets

In the comments to our post Let Them Eat Cinnamon Buns, Annaliese shared her wedding’s very alternative cake scenario…

Kavisa & Schuyler’s nature-embracing Baha’i wedding

Kavisa & Schuyler’s goal was to make their wedding as eco-friendly as possible while expressing themselves and their religious beliefs. Since Kavisa is Baha’i her mom read a Baha’i prayer. Then as a tribute to her heritage they jumped the broom at the end!

Fran & Siobhán’s feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding

Living a non-traditional life meant our guests weren’t expecting a traditional day from the start, so we had complete freedom. We’re bisexual so it was important our day was a celebration of not just our love but of love generally.