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A chic elopement in Vancouver with a floral wedding dress and a toy robot

A chic elopement in Vancouver with a floral wedding dress and a toy robot

Erin and Daniel chose to have just two witnesses and an officiant at their chic elopement in Vancouver. Their venue, the Roundhouse Community Centre, is intended for large weddings, so it ended up feeling very grand with only a few.

Erin and Daniel are both engineers, so they featured an antique multimeter and their toy robot.

This pair shared a tearjerking first dance together

Leann and Doug’s North Vancouver wedding at the Pinnacle Pier Hotel had a lot of charm and one of the most adorable first dances. In almost 11 years together, they shared a gorgeous dance. Apparently the happy tears were overflowing. You’ll love the gorgeous venue and sunny scenic ceremony. Oh, and don’t even think about missing their amazing custom cake topper that totally channels them!

Liane & Daniel’s off-the-grid lakeside cabin-in-the-woods wedding

There’s nothing we love more than a tearful groom at the ceremony. And boy does this cutie deliver. Add that to the gorgeous scenery of this island locale, 1001 paper cranes, a signed paddle guest book, an epic dance party, and interactive cardboard sign speeches, and you’ve got a stellar getaway, off-the-grid wedding.

Angela & Ty’s international seaside elopement

Relieve your wedding planning stress by basking in the easy-going glow of this Vancouver elopement. No mess, no stress (except for a teeny shoe snafu!), and this sweet elopement of two lovers from two countries will warm your hearts. Mint details, a seaside venue, a super helpful marriage commissioner — it’s a story of long-distance that will make you root for these two.

Flora & Kristy’s full moon fairytale wedding by the sea

Nods to Paganism, Celtic readings, and flower fairies make this waterfront wedding truly magical. And at the reception, there was even a father/daughter/father/daughter dance! And prepare your eyes from the awesomely scandalous garter photo!

Fueled by their own offbeat wedding, Washington’s R+A Photography is your dream team

It’s probably because they were in YOUR shoes once — a fun couple planning an non-traditional wedding — that their business is so tailored to offbeat couples. R+A Photography is all about being straightforward, travel-friendly, with non-crazy-making prices, oh! and a special deal for our readers, of course.