Beth & Garrett's nerdy boozy musical kickballer wedding

Home-brewed beer (including beer ceremony), an Elvis officiant, a hilarious camp wedding guide, and a cocktail hour with lawn games and merit badges — you've just described my perfect camp-out party. Don't even get us started on the tearful first look, the Sharpie pre-tattoo rings, the dads' pre-ceremony chest bump, and the time-traveling video invitation. Oh, and there's one more video that we're keeping a secret. Trust me, you have to see it.


Wording from an Unplugged Wedding program

Last year, we introduced the concept of "Unplugged Weddings," where couples ask their guests to put down their cameras. We even gave you some examples of how to word your request.

Well, a year later, we're starting to see more and more couples choosing to unplug their weddings. New York's Ryan Brenizer Photography recently posted this photo of a wedding program on his Facebook wall, with the caption, "I saw this in the wedding program yesterday. Fantastic." Looks like they read Offbeat Bride!