Andrea & Patrick's enchanted tiki and karaoke wedding

This couple wanted a super fun party at a bar with karaoke, a Bloody Mary bar, and even a unity tiki torch. They may have had to change their venue at the last moment, but with the help of friends, it was even better than expected. And if they were worried about guests being too shy to sing karaoke, boy were they wrong!


A crazy hat-wearing, dance-partying, Zelda-themed wedding

Two party animals, a bajillion hats, a confetti canon, and lots of Zelda. I dares ya to say that doesn't sound fun. Bill and Jenn know it to be fact, and partied the night away in an excellent concert venue with all of their nearest and dearest sporting hilarious headgear.


Julia & Seb's international-flair Vegas wedding

Julia and Seb planned their Vegas wedding entirely on the road during their two-year backpacking trip. Outside of an interrupting bear, it went off without a hitch. What happens on the backpacking trip — stays in Vegas.