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Unity cocktails, unity wine boxes, unity candles, unity science projects, and even unity sandwiches… we’ve got some great unique unity ceremony ideas for you in here! You may also want to check our Ceremony Advice archive for more thoughts on structuring your wedding ceremony.

Celestial meets Star Wars at this comic book wedding

This couple combined their love for all things celestial and Star Wars into a comic book wedding. From the comic book boutonnieres to the hidden Batman in the cake, this comic book wedding is bursting with personality and fun.

A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers

This unique unity ceremony involves the couple’s love of breakfast foods. Not only is it serving deliciousness, but there are so many powerful breakfast metaphors for marriage. Savory and sentimental? We’re in!

Try a balloon-fasting instead of a handfasting as a unique unity ceremony

Since this was our second wedding ceremony, we wanted to find a way to make our celebration feel new to us, while still incorporating a ritual that would be recognizable and meaningful to attending family and friends. Behold: THE BALLOON-FASTING! 

Vermont fall commitment ceremony micro-wedding by a waterfall

We had a super secret commitment ceremony before our legal wedding. We leaned into the “super secret” aspect, so our theme was “super secret spies”. Instead of invitations we sent dossier packages with code names for our guests and GPS coordinates for the location of our ceremony.

A polyamorous pagan wedding ceremony script with gender-neutral language

This gender-neutral wedding ceremony script includes Pagan and Norse traditions, references to Doctor Who, Stranger In A Strange Land, Star Trek, and Tom Robbins, and more. Plus, a hilarious “we doo-doo” instead of “We do”!

Our microwedding rose ceremony (complete with gender neutral ceremony script!)

We decided to have a very intimate wedding with under 15 guests. We came across endless inspiration for unity ceremonies, but none of them were quite right for us…. until we found the idea of a rose ceremony.