Katherine & James' barefoot eco-friendly forest wedding

This week we're letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! Today we've got a barefoot couple in the forests of Piccadilly with rainbows, a teepee, and one very fun Kombi. They managed to make it all happen while compromising with a religious family, coaxing a van into carrying a clown car-load, and dealing with a very naughty bird at the ceremony.


Kim & Doug's artsy food truck wedding

One look at this pair's food truck menu and you'll be converted to the dark (and delicious) side: a street food wedding! The gourmet sliders and fries were served in front of a chic gallery that played host to the ceremony and reception. They stayed within budget with a few sneaky cost-savers, and you'll love the bride's favorite moments with her dad!


Allycen & Lisa's intimate road trip wedding

This wedding was held on one of the bride's late father's birthday. That alone was a moving tribute. The rest of the wedding lived up to the sentiment with the bride's 91-year-old grandmother (and her purse!) walking her down the aisle, the tribute to love in the ceremony, and the caterers joining in with the celebrating to complete the guest list.


Dina & Travis' Bruce Campbell-loving '90s mohawked wedding

Bruce Campbell movie poster centerpieces, a fabulously retro laser photo backdrop, '90s alternative rock, and the groom's epic four-inch mohawk (and accompanying MOHAWK WIGS) — these people know how to do '90s retro right! Add in their Azkaban place cards, Time Warp dance, and dad's serenade, and I'm hooked. You will be too.


Cailey & Christian's 1950s BBQ saloon wedding

Only three vendors and a whole lot of economizing didn't make this budget wedding any less awesome. Other cool details including tag-team officiants (at a really pretty church), handpainted wooden cake toppers, and a groom who is a little too nervous for long vows. Plus their 1950s retro theme fit like a glove in our era-inspired theme week!