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uneven wedding party

You do NOT need a matched number of wedding attendants on each side. Here are gorgeous real weddings where there was an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen… And everything worked out just fine.

Liz & Zeph’s elegant Art Deco Brooklyn wedding

This couple loves their Brooklyn neighborhood and found tons of ways to highlight its food, venues, and local flair. They also made a neighborhood-appropriate getaway on bicycles.

Jennifer & Dean’s horror movie macabre wedding

Chocolate blood drips from the cake, horror movie villains hang from the trees, a bride and groom smooch under it all. Horror movie weddings make my gruesome, slasher flick day! Check out these scary cuties getting hitched horror-style.

Elle & Ben’s magical faery underground cave wedding

Fairy lights in an underground cave set a pretty magical tone for this epic wedding straight out of a fantasy tale. A toadstool cake and lots of Metallica complete the eclectic day for all us fantasy geeks at heart.

Miriam & Zachary’s Casablanca-inspired Old Hollywood wedding

Met in Israel, love Middle Eastern culture, love Old Hollywood… it’s the perfect recipe for a Casablanca-themed party. These two managed to combine Jewish traditions with their own DIY-infused style after a budget crisis shook everything up.

Julia & Kory’s casual rock ‘n’ roll sideshow wedding

An indestructible bride and her zombie rocker dude create “the world’s strangest married couple.” Creepy magicians, Sno-Cones, and a ton of duct tape will keep this couple stuck togetha foreva.

Rebekah & Ben’s old Hollywood historic prison wedding

This couple got married in prison… a gorgeous 250,000 square foot prison venue! They combined a Hollywood set with an old Hollywood theme for some major glam. An eleventh hour photographer swap made for a quick save in the end.