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uneven wedding party

You do NOT need a matched number of wedding attendants on each side. Here are gorgeous real weddings where there was an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen… And everything worked out just fine.

How to make a one-sided wedding party work (you have a crew and your partner doesn't!)

How to make a one-sided wedding party work (you have a crew and your partner doesn’t!)

When my fiancé and I got engaged, there was no question for me that I would ask my three best friends to be my bridesmaids. That said, my fiancé doesn’t want to have any groomsmen/women. I’ve seen advice about uneven parties, but not about one partner skipping them entirely. Any creative suggestions?

Sarah & Tasha’s tattooed and not-strictly-traditional wedding

These ladies successfully merged traditional and offbeat with their lovely white dresses, ice cream bar instead of a cake, mixed-gender (and fashion) wedding party, and eerily similar vows that they didn’t even plan out together! Oh, and wait until you see the adorable twist on the “choose a seat, not a side” sign!

Lizzie & Chris’ slope-side snow lovers wedding

A ski instructor meets a snowboarding instructor and it’s love at first powder. What better way to celebrate the marriage of these two snow bunnies than to have the ceremony on the slope itself? Add in some ski-loving details into the cool bar reception and you’ve got a party even the clumsiest of skiers (like me) would love.

Ashley & Alexander’s fun and games geeksplosion wedding

Video games, gaming conventions, board games… you get the idea. These people like to game! Their Skyped-in bridesmaid, hand-screen printed ties, and Skittles toast were the icing on this geektastic cake. Plus, the bride shares some sage advice for those who choose to sew their own wedding gowns.

Lara & Mark’s fiery medieval-inspired handfast wedding

A ceremony at dusk with lanterns, candles, and lights. A black gown, fire-red hair, and fabulously rich-looking decor. The groom in leather armour and the bridesmaids in capes. Have I got you yet? Check out this forest wedding for all of this and more.

Allison & Christopher’s simple sunflowery garden wedding

This couple opted for a simple, sweet morning ceremony and a casual brunch for a day full of flowers, bubbles, and lots of love. Summer, sunflowers, sun streaming through the trees… I’m bookmarking this wedding for dark winter days.