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Ooh-la-la! Make your own cute and naughty wedding undies

We’ve all seen the lacy, silky bridal underwear that features the phrase “I DO” in rhinestones on the hip or butt. Here is a tounge-in-cheek underwear design so you can showcase your enthusiasm for both your marriage commitment and for sex itself!

The panty purpose: an epic post on wedding underwear

What’s going under your gown? Offbeat Bride takes you on a guided tour of your undergarment options, from structured girdles all the way to free-balling.

Strapless unmentionables: A “minus size” round up

I loved reading Andrea’s advice for finding plus size long line bras. However, I happen to be at the opposite end of that spectrum. After seeing a few comments requesting a “minus size” round up, I thought it was time for me to step in and represent those of us who are not as, erm “well-endowed.” (FYI this post has pictures of ladies in their undergarments so it’s probably NSFW.)

Fun with long line bras: A plus size round-up

One thing I have learned from this experience is that you need to be flexible with your size. Your bra size is only your bra size for normal bras. We all go to the store and pick out our favorite brand or style and don’t even question our sizes. In specialty bras, your bra size is just a starting point. I do recommend having a professional fitting if you haven’t had one done recently — you might be surprised (I know I was when I had it done). Don’t be afraid to size up and size down in both the cups and the bands. Every brand sizes differently! And if you are buying online make sure to double check the return policy!