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A wild and bright DIY circus-themed Canadian wedding complete with streamers and ice cream

Shai and Crystal win at planning: they pulled off their backyard circus-themed wedding in under a month! Family and friends pitched in by building everything from the red-and-white striped tent to the colorful balloon arch. A parade of feathers, bubbles, and a tiny clown ring bearer led Crystal up the polka dot aisle, and guests tossed streamers into the air at the ceremony’s conclusion. These two opted to use the time immediately following the ceremony to snag ice cream and take photos at a baseball park. The night was rounded out with Indian food and barbecue, followed by tie-dyed cupcakes and a skeleton-topped cake.

Alexandria & Tyler’s rainy day rainbow wedding on a mountain

We’re in the mood to bring some rainbows, glitter, and colorful details into your life. It’s a prismatic rainbow and colorful wedding theme week! Today we’ve got rainbow umbrellas and colorful candles keeping everyone warm in this outdoor Vermont wedding.

The tiara that launched a thousand ships: a Cambodian wedding in Massachusetts

Jacqui and Sam had a two-day wedding to cover all their bases: the couple wanted to honor Cambodian and American ceremonies and traditions. Photog [vendor-heart link=""]Zac Wolf[/vendor-heart] sent us photos from the colorful love-in that was day one (you can see day two here)! The events of the day took place in the couple’s home, and they participated in four separate ceremonies.

Show that you can weather life’s storms together under a ceremonial umbrella

We ended our ceremony with an Indonesian wedding tradition, since that is where we met and is also the birthplace of my father. We sat under an umbrella while our celebrant showered us in a mixture of goodness. This included turmeric rice, to symbolize prosperity and everlasting love; coins, to remind us to share our wealth with the less fortunate; and candy, to represent sweetness throughout our marriage.

Let’s drool over some umbrellas

In celebration of autumn weddings, which may or may not include a bit more rain than your average wedding, today I want to round up some of my very favorite umbrellas. Rainbow umbrellas, peaked umbrellas, heart-shaped umbrellas, ruffled vintaged-styled umbrellas, polkadot umbrellas? ALL AWAIT YOU…

Give your attendants rainbow umbrellas

Katherine & James’ barefoot eco-friendly forest wedding was amazing for a whole bunch of reasons (seed bombs! teepees! a VW bus!), but I especially love how they gave their attendants rainbow umbrellas. Yes, rain happens… but when your wedding party has brightly colored full-spectrum umbrellas, rain becomes an opportunity instead of a hassle.