Morgan & Jon's multi-location trifecta wedding

Four locations, four weddings, and four times the reason to see what the hell it's all about! And that includes a hand-spray-painted dress, a surprise wedding tattoo, and a really awesome "water ceremony." You must see what ceremony flub made all the guests raise their hands in the air and wave 'em like they just don't care.


Lily & Chris' double happiness rock 'n' roll two wedding weekend

It's one thing to take on a big wedding; it's a whole other thing to plan two back-to-back ceremonies and parties! But once you see the retro fashion, Asian-inspired details, Chinese dancing lions, and sweet band tribute from the groom, you'll totally agree that it's a double happiness moment. OH, and a ceremonial martial arts board breaking by the bride? It happened — twice.


Kelly & Adam's three-part Halloween dance party

Get your candy out because it's Halloween Week! We've got zombies, ghosts, and gore in our weddings. Today we have a three-part celebration with Halloween flair (and a zombie dog!). You'll definitely want to check out the Halloween cakes too. And see how the bride uses a tie clip as a memorial in her bouquet!


Charmaine & Chris' vintage diner and opera house wedding

After first meeting outside of a retro diner, these two had one of their two ceremonies at that same diner. I fell in love with the bride's custom-made lacy, layered dress, three-generation photo, and multi-colored sweater. The men of the wedding party looked mighty spiffy in their bow ties and argyle, too. On top of it all, they were able to stay under a pretty tight budget with two ceremonies and a restaurant reception.