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While we have an archive for brides in pants (which includes a lot of lesbian weddings where one or both brides wear a suit), we also have this archive for lesbian weddings where both brides wore gowns. Double the brides! Double the dresses!

Fran & Siobhán’s feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding

Living a non-traditional life meant our guests weren’t expecting a traditional day from the start, so we had complete freedom. We’re bisexual so it was important our day was a celebration of not just our love but of love generally.

Erica & Erin’s decadent, artistic, feminine, fantasy, winery wedding

We finally got the whole scoop on this beautiful, two-girl, two-dress wedding in an Australian winery.

Holy two-wedding-dress heaven!

This isn’t even a photograph — this is an image produced by a beautiful dream of beautiful dresses and even more beautiful women in a beautiful beautiful vinyard… beautiful. These ladies with their amazing dresses are blowing my freaking mind. And wait till you see those dresses in actual color! We can’t wait to have […]

Anli & Laura’s Lesbian Gamer Geek Wedding

Anli and Laura’s wedding is one of the most popular weddings we’ve ever featured. It’s not hard to see why…

Sara Jane & Meghan

Well, I figured since we had two brides in suits this morning, I’d balance it out with two brides in dresses this afternoon, with this gorgeous shot of Sara Jane & Meghan at their recent wedding: These two lovelies were captured by Sara Maren Photography, whose work you’ve seen on OBB before! To get all […]

Laura & Gosia’s Beautiful & Fun, All-Bride, All-Dress Wedding

“We couldn’t agree who had to change her last name, so we played a Name Change Soccer Game the afternoon before the wedding with our guests, and the winner’s team got to pick our new last name.”