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While we have an archive for brides in pants (which includes a lot of lesbian weddings where one or both brides wear a suit), we also have this archive for lesbian weddings where both brides wore gowns. Double the brides! Double the dresses!

Two brides, matching gowns, & a T-Rex on a family farm in Louisiana

Two brides, matching gowns, & a T-Rex on a family farm in Louisiana

Kim and Jen, in their matching (but differently colored!) dresses, rocked a sentimental and super sweet wedding on Jennifer’s family farm in Louisiana.

Their reception was held at The Cabin in Darrow, and after their first dance, Jennifer sneaked off to change into a T-Rex costume to surprise everyone. The Anteeks kept the dance floor hopping the whole night.

Two ladies from Sweden rocked their Manchester, UK wedding with epic florals

Two cuties from Sweden rocked their Manchester, UK wedding with epic florals

Sami and Philippa live in Sweden but wanted to get married in their favourite UK city of Manchester. They got ready in the same Lockhouse,a small cottage located next to the canal.

It was intimate, full of colorful flowers, two complementary white gowns, pale green details, and two brides clearly in love.

Two brides, a mountain view wedding, and cotton candy skies

They shared a love for the mountains of Colorado, so it was only natural that when plans to hold a big wedding bash in Kentucky fell through, they decided to live out another dream of having an intimate wedding with some serious Sound of Music scenery. Waking up to rainy dawn in Estes Park, Ali and Rachel began a slow morning of wedding prep. They did what we wish every couple would do, enjoyed their day and lived their moments. There was Elk watching, breakfast, hiking, and attempts to stave off the rain with “Isn’t it Ironic” lyrics.

A staircase ceremony and live band reception at this Varsity Theater wedding in Minneapolis

Andria and Donna had a theater wedding with TWO killer venues in Minneapolis. They started out with a staircase ceremony(!) at the new LRx Loring and Pharmacy Bar. Then they headed to party at their reception at Varsity Theater, a popular Minneapolis concert venue.

They had a live band (Fred Savage and the Unbeatables!), lights everywhere, and their dessert bar was drool-worthy.

Travel back to the future after seeing this bitchin' 1980s-themed wedding

Travel back to the future after seeing this bitchin’ 1980s-themed wedding

Ashley and Wendy had a 1980s-themed wedding to end all retro weddings. We’re talking cassette tape centerpieces, boom boxes, hair band photos (with lyrics!), retro-fabulous ’80s wear, and major dance floor shenanigans. If we could channel the soundtrack to this wedding, I think we’d be rocking out HARD. These ladies love the eighties and we love them.

Are you ready to take a Delorean back in time to 1985 where clearly this wedding took place?

The powers of pink + purple combine! A Spanish destination wedding

The powers of pink + purple combine! A Finnish couple gets wed in Spain

Meri and Eveliina are a Finnish couple who dreamt of a destination beach wedding in Spain surrounded by palm trees and nontraditional rules. Meri loves pink and and Eveliina digs purple, so their powers combined to make the sweetest, lighthearted palette ever. The macarons were GORGEOUS.

Just wait until you see their surprise dance with their six bridesmaids, too, and their DIY vodka bar!