How to make your own "Yay!" celebratory flags

I made these "Yay" flags for our wedding, intending for people to wave them for us as we walked away after the ceremony. They ended up being such an integral part of the evening, with everyone waving and shouting "YAY" every time we walked by! And since I added our names and the date to the back of them, they also served as the only favor we had for our guests. It is a quick and easy project — I hope you enjoy it!


Fabric fortune cookie favors

Brassy Apple's tutorial is simple yet will have the "oohh" impact. The look could vary based on your theme and your fabric, and who says you can't jazz it up…..


How to make a super-nifty ring book

Marya created ring books as an alternative to ring pillows — and the book-loving, English major in me is freaking out over them! Luckily for all of us book-lovers, she gave us the details on how to make them yourself…