How to DIY your own vinyl record bowl

After reading other people's tutorials on making vinyl record bowls and realizing how stinkin' easy it was we had to go for it! We're vinyl record collectors and had a few records we felt we could sacrifice for the cause. It was hard to let go, but boy did everyone love these chip bowls!


How to DIY a fancy chalkboard frame

For an eco/budget friendly alternative to programs we did a chalkboard that listed all the members of the wedding party, and afterwards we're using it as a message center at the house. It was a great multi-step tutorial that is a fantastic addition to our abode as a married duo!


How to make your own feathery floral hair fascinator

Offbeat Bride Tribe member/crafter Rachel took the advice of her photographer and crafted herself and her bridesmaids some feathery floral fascinators for her and her new hubby's black and red uber-stylish wedding. This is a step-by-step tutorial she put together (mere days after The Big Day!).


How to broadcast your wedding live on the web: the materials

Back in March, one of my fabulous internet groups had several members who attended an expo in Chicago. ALL the members of the site had helped to fund raise, and everyone was excited about it. I decided try and stream it live, so all our online friends who couldn't be there could be participants. It was a resounding success, and everyone loved it. Why couldn't I use this same technology for my wedding?