How to DIY bleach-stamped invitations (and more!)

The only thing that stuck out from my original invite brain storming session was the idea to bleach the invitation paper. I just loved the look and couldn't live without it. Of course this meant I got immensely high (on bleach y'all!). I got together with my mom, and a friend of hers who's a distributor for Stampin' Up (I totally used her for her stamp collection. I'm evil.) and went to town!


How to DIY your own treasure chest centerpieces

Tribesmaid Sandy wanted guests to "treasure" her wedding and the awesome times they'll have there… so she's making treasure chest centerpieces for the tables! This project requires a few supplies, but is simple and the result just WOWS!


How to DIY your own rustic twig ball bouquet

Mari and her soon-to-be are on a budget and wanted a non-floral bouquet option that was fantastically "them". After scouring the internet, her and her Mom went to work creating something unique and awesome, using inspiration from several photos they found online.