Rachel & Kieran's travel-themed foodie wedding

You might remember this short and busty bride from her custom dress process. We've now got the whole story including their fabulously elegant guild hall venue, amazing vintage travel theme, and celebrity moments on the way to the church and after the ceremony. Plus, spy all the sweet pastel details like the cupcakes, the confetti, and the buttons on the back of the bride's dress!


Air-mail stationery for adorable Thank-You cards

I've been seeing vintage airmail designs show up more and more, and while the handcrafted and custom options are awesome for our DIY queens, this simple and straight-forward air-mail stationery set could be an easy Thank-You card option — especially for destination weddings!


Vintage Post Office-inspired wedding invitations

You have got to see Jessica's vintage Post Office-inspired wedding invites STOP When the photo-copy place told her they couldn't make her idea work, Jessica decided to take matters into her own crafty hands STOP Check out these awesome creations that'll take you back to the "good ol days" and find out why I'm writing like this STOP