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Maps, globe guest books, travel-themed centerpieces, and wanderlust… travel themes are an amazing way to share your love of the world with your wedding guests. Here is our archive of travel-themed weddings and ideas.

Vintage travel-themed wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

This vintage travel-themed wedding is killing us with retro style

Growing up on opposite ends of the world, we always thought it was magical how fate brought us together in the same place at the same time. We decided on a vintage travel-themed wedding! From our flight attendant-inspired bridesmaids to our vintage airmail favors filled with candy from around the world, every detail was carefully selected to bring out the adventure of travel for our guests.

A New York travel theme wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #travel #weddings

We’ve got your first class ticket for this travel-themed wedding

Julie and Leo love to travel the world, so a travel theme at their New York wedding at Bear Mountain Inn was ideal. Think boarding pass seating cards, a globe-inspired cake, and a globe guest book. Their ceremony was officiated by Leo’s brother with their parents standing by their sides. It ended sealed with a travel-themed paper airplane throwing exit. Don’t miss the unrehearsed sing-a-long to a Les Miserables song where guests sang different parts!

Remember your guests’ travels with a push pin map guestbook

We aren’t talking about “pinning” in terms of Pinterest for once. We’re talking an actual push pin map guestbook. Brenna and Dennis had a nifty, thrifty idea for their guestbook: guests placed a pin on a map indicating from where they traveled. This ideas serves two purposes: find out who traveled the farthest, and have a visual keepsake of where all your guests live. Super fun times! Let’s hear from Brenna on the whole scheme.

Courtney & Kelly’s tarot and caricatures travel-themed wedding

Travel, food, and FUN: these are the ingredients of this loving and adorable wedding between two gorgeous ladies. Add in some cost-saving measures, the shoe game, a globe guest book, amazing catering, a tarot card reader, and even a caricature artist, and how could it not be amazingly fun? Don’t miss the Bigfoot cake toppers and vow reference!

Barbara & Ned’s vintage travel wedding will give you wanderlust

This pair knew that they wanted to have a wedding that was a reflection of their love for travel. The groom wanted a wedding on the water, and the bride wanted a barn wedding, so they chose a renovated warehouse on the Hudson River to combine both of the elements. What transpired is pure vintage travel bliss.

Morgan & Ryan’s travel-themed, vintage suitcases, and VW bus wedding

The first three years of this couple’s seven-year relationship were spent on long flights and lots of late night phone calls. From California to Minnesota, their love is well traveled — as was their wedding. Think travel-themed and vintage (50 vintage suitcases, to be specific!), a ’69 VW bus photo booth, and lots more DIY and retro touches. But it was the bride’s tribute to her groom’s father AND her epiphany about being a plus-sized bride that really stuck with us.