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It’s dangerous to go alone: take these geeky “just married” car decals

I was revisiting one of our favorite geeky fantasy weddings, Shanon and Brandon’s Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings wedding, and remembered their fun as hell Lord of the rings “just married” car decal. “Just married” decals can lean a little on the traditional side of things, not unlike tying tin cans to the bumper, but when they’ve gone the way of the geek? The game is changed. In this case, a two-player 8-bit game. Let’s see what decals I could find including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, The Simpsons, and Star Wars.

12 essential wedding transportation tips for hauling everyone around

Unless you’re having just one venue with ample parking near everyone you know, getting yourself and your guests where they need to be is not always an easy task. Plus, offering transportation keeps any tipsy driving to a minimum as well. Here are some riding-in-style wedding transportation tips to make sure nobody gets left stranded en route to your rockin’ party.

Ashley & Jake’s steampunk adventure trolley wedding

There are a few ways to avoid a bunch of time-consuming group portraits, but this one is one of our favorites. These two rented an open air brass-railed trolley for a perfectly suited steampunk backdrop for their photo shoot! Add that to the bride’s handmade reception gown, amazing steamy costumes, and a gamer-themed musical at the reception, and you’ll be totally transported. Oh, and wait until you see who ended up wearing a white wedding gown. Hint: it wasn’t the bride!

Donny & Chris’ booze and drag queens North London wedding crawl

This pair challenged all the rules and focused on the things that really matter: booze and drag queens, bitches! And of course, their sweet vows, lovely venues, and a kick-ass time with loved ones. Oh, and they also have some rad advice for getting a deal on a horse and carriage… you won’t believe what they worked around!

Cara & Robert’s born-and-bred NYC blended family wedding

Checker cabs, pizza, and Italian ices: it’s NYC, baby! This pair comes from traditional New York Italian families, so offbeat was definitely a new concept. But they managed to combine a zombie cake, Mr. Met, and late-night nosh with getting ready at the bride’s childhood home and familiar wedding traditions. Plus, you’ll love the bride’s vows to her new stepchildren.

Katie & David’s winter wedding in the mountains

Cooped up inside at work? Need some AMAZING scenery to transport you? This wedding is just the ticket. Try seriously majestic mountains in the Southern Alps with photography from helicopters. Add in the bride’s fabulous blue-purple dress against the snow, and you’ll forget you’re even inside.