Laura & Jason's tattooed and belly-dancing historical wedding

When the bride and her sister make eight hardcore Victorian-inspired outfits for the wedding, you know this is serious-business history love. Add in the Victorian dancing, regimental band, and amazing belly dance and drum performance, and you've got a recipe for an outstanding wedding celebrating a gorgeous family home and era. Wait until you hear what the bride did with her antique ring!


Lacey & David's Mad Hatter garden tea party with an umbrella canopy

Finding inspiration from a Burning Man installation at one of their favorite places, Black Rock City, led to this visual spectacle: glowing umbrellas, fantastical Alice in Wonderland-inspired garb, and DIYed decor galore. Feast your eyes on the first whimsical ceremony, and then get ready for the ethereal second evening ceremony at Burning Man!


Maryska & Chris' lanterns, lights, and top hats wedding

Fairy lights, lanterns instead of bouquets, and a shimmery platinum handmade gown to rival any on the red carpet — this wedding seriously glows. Plus, the pair's geeky sides came out with some Tolkien and Firefly details to keep things fun. But fun wasn't in short supply with the bride's funny ceremony snafu and their first dance collision!


A vintage-inspired goth wedding featuring a whole lot of hats and a unicorn bride and groom

Serge and Ely wed in Pennsylvania at the Abington Art Center, which proved to be a most excellent backdrop for their vintage and goth-friendly wedding day. The bridesmaids were decked out in mismatched purple gowns, the groomsmen (and officiant!) donned top hats, and an adorable owl and beaver topped their cake. If you're a fan of costumes, you'll totally dig the unicorn mask that the bride and groom took turns wearing during the reception. Thanks to Offbeat Bride vendor Fun and Funky Wedding PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them for sending these our way!


Jess & Alex's red and black goth geek wedding

A little goth, a little geek, and a teeny wedding for us to love. Don't miss the awesome certificate of marriage, the very meaningful handfasting cords, the Gallery Serpentine custom corset dress, and the Minuscule-themed cupcakes. Plus, the bride shares some very handy advice if you're planning on rocking a corset. Oh, and you'll love the bride's hilarious way of "proposing." It worked!


Emily & Mitchell's rainy steampunk geodesic dome wedding

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we've got a purple and bronze steamy bonanza with a geodesic dome ceremony, a ketubah/parking problem (what?!), and some adorable vows you don't want to miss. Just watch out for the spoilsport rain!