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How to write a kick-ass wedding speech

How to write a wedding speech that KICKS BUTT

What if you’ve been asked to make a wedding speech and you have stage fright, or are getting writer’s block, or are having nightmares about the experience — you know, the one where you’re standing naked in front of the crowd — and kind of want to back out? Well, grab a drink, calm down, and read this advice…

Toasting: why so many people hate this wedding tradition

Sometimes we gossip with our wedding industry vendor friends. We like to get the scoop about things they’re seeing more often at weddings (ring warmings! hand fastings!) and just generally get the insider gossip. And you know what our vendor friends are telling us? That basically, almost everyone hates wedding toasts.

Celebrate your love of Game of Thrones with these Khal and Khaleesi “toasting mugs”

Oh m’lord and m’ladies, look what I found! Instead of toasting flutes, Game of Thrones fans have got to use HBO’s newly-released Khal and Khaleesi collectable mug set! Ooh, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for your newlywed or engaged fellow Game of Thrones nerds? Or as the HBO shop puts it…

Jessica & Matt’s spontaneous Austiny elopement

When the wedding they were planning got too overwhelming and stress-inducing, these two opted to let it go in favor of an elopement recreating their first date. In familiar surroundings and killer clothes, their short ceremony and celebration was just right for them, and included sweet details like their cupcakes and vows in front of the beer tap wall. And wait till you see the groom’s first look at his bride!

Funky reception dancing, a speech with props, and a Ron Swanson painting guest book

Crystal and Richie sneak a smooch behind a great Neil Gaiman book. We’ve also got some funky reception dancing, a speech with props, and a Ron Swanson guestbook painting. It’s a wacky week in reader submissions and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Toast the Rainbow with Skittles-flavored drinks

Ashley and Alexander wanted a sparkly toast without the champagne, so they put out sparkling water and dropped a few Skittles in each for a bubbly drink with a little fruit kick.