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Time Warp dance

Wedding standards and audience participation songs that won’t embarrass you

I’ve seen the posts about first dance and father-daughter dance songs that aren’t overdone and cheesy. But there’s another tune or two that haven’t been addressed yet… The overdone “party songs” that everyone knows, and that people (who may or may not be “too cool” for stuff, like myself) will always dance and sing along to. I hate them. So I’m on the hunt: What are some well-known, yet not-so-cheesy-and-“standard” songs that I can sub in for the usual wedding tunes?

Dina & Travis’ Bruce Campbell-loving ’90s mohawked wedding

Bruce Campbell movie poster centerpieces, a fabulously retro laser photo backdrop, ’90s alternative rock, and the groom’s epic four-inch mohawk (and accompanying MOHAWK WIGS) — these people know how to do ’90s retro right! Add in their Azkaban place cards, Time Warp dance, and dad’s serenade, and I’m hooked. You will be too.

Paisley & Dougie’s crafty picnic nerdstravaganza wedding

Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi vows, games, the Time Warp… it’s a geek’s paradise! After finding the venue by putting a note on the door, these two planned a local garden wedding to whet every gamer’s appetite. And don’t think this bride isn’t up for the challenge when she forgets her vows at home!

Tiffany & Nick’s hipster Bavarian wedding

In honor of Russian New Year’s (the week between New Year’s and Orthodox Christmas), we’re having an Eastern European theme week! For day 3 of Eastern European week, we have Tiffany & Nick’s wedding in the “Little Bavaria” of Michigan. This one is a bit of a stretch for the theme — roll with it! -Becca

Non-sappy father-daughter dance songs

I’ve spent the last two days scouring the ‘net for a father/daughter dance for our wedding reception, and frankly, virtually every suggestion I’ve come across has a title that makes me throw up in my mouth a little like “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Butterfly Kisses.” I’m not opposed to sentimental songs but perhaps none with the bride=angel/child/doll theme I can’t seem to get away from. HELP!