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Give your wedding legs some love with LOVE seam tights

Offbeat Bride Natray demonstrates a super cute and super simple way to tuck a little extra love into your wedding day: Pamela Mann Signature Love Seam Tights.

A fall wedding with candy and science

A wedding at the Arizona Science Center with beakers full of candy (since they met at a candy shop) and fall-themed details. It’s a combination with which you might just fall for. Check out the richly-hued day with striped socks, live music, and of course, science projects for all!

We’ve got legs (and how to dress them up right)! Tights and socks for your wedding style

It was a serendipitous moment when Ariel and I were mass-pinning socks and tights onto the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account and a reader emailed asking for a tights round-up. Then it was GAME ON! It’s chilly for a lot of us now, so what’s more appropriate than some warm (and maybe some sexy) tights?

Allison & Jacob’s love in a blizzard offbeat lite wedding

Though the weather was predicted to snow everyone in, they got a reprieve from the blizzard and were able to celebrate their December in Minnesota wedding in style. The Michael Jackson-dancing ring bearers and bowling alley photos sealed the deal on this snowy party.

Jamie & Mengmeng’s geeky Corgi-loving wedding

Jamie and Mengmeng (Jameng, as the tabloids call them) rocked a Chinese-influenced, geek-tastic, Joss Whedon-loving wedding celebrating all of their favorite interests. Get ready for chopsticks, Corgis, and a Serenity cake.

Emily & Kyle’s cupcakes, kilts, and robots rainbow wedding

The ring bear boogied down the aisle towards a wedding party in an explosion of rainbow colors, wigs, crinoline, and kilts. This wedding will make all your surroundings look super bland today by comparison. Get ready for major color love.