Cristina & Adrian's colorful, lesbian, vegan night of fun

These two put the hot pink in pinky swear, and I mean HOT. The crafty duo included lots of personal details — duct tape bouquets, vegan noms, bright ties, toys, a puppy, and science! All to celebrate a steamy romance surrounded by family and friends… with a sweet surprise translation of a favorite love song. Aww, now they've put the aw in hawt, too!


Make headbands out of groomsman neckties for your groomsgirls

Whether you have long hair, short hair, or no hair, a headband is an accessory that’s easy to wear. Which also makes it a cute little statement piece "tie"ing the looks of your groomsladies to the looks of your bridesdudes, for example. Here’s how to turn a necktie into a headband.