Jessica & Matt's spontaneous Austiny elopement

When the wedding they were planning got too overwhelming and stress-inducing, these two opted to let it go in favor of an elopement recreating their first date. In familiar surroundings and killer clothes, their short ceremony and celebration was just right for them, and included sweet details like their cupcakes and vows in front of the beer tap wall. And wait till you see the groom's first look at his bride!


A 1920s Princess Bride surprise wedding

Kathy and Nathan dropped the ultimate surprise on their families and friends with a 1920s-themed birthday party ruse-turned-wedding! Not many people knew, but one in particular had to be in on the surprise. The officiant was dressed in full "Impressive Clergyman" garb and, naturally, began the ceremony with the famous ceremony monologue from The Princess Bride.


Jessica & Max's small handmade secular handfasting

This couple was able to pull off some amazing handcrafted decor, a full self-catered buffet, a FABULOUS handmade dress (by the bride!), and even some home-grown entertainment all on a budget and with tons of style. This intimate wedding was also planned from across the country, so we know it took some serious coordination.


These bilingual wedding programs are awesome in both English AND Catalan

We're having programs basically because some of our friends do not speak Catalan, so we want them to have something to do during the ceremony. I wanted to ask someone to stand next to us with a chalkboard and "translate" what happens (in a short and funny way), but my fiance didn't like it enough. Oh well. This is the compromise.


Dina & Travis' Bruce Campbell-loving '90s mohawked wedding

Bruce Campbell movie poster centerpieces, a fabulously retro laser photo backdrop, '90s alternative rock, and the groom's epic four-inch mohawk (and accompanying MOHAWK WIGS) — these people know how to do '90s retro right! Add in their Azkaban place cards, Time Warp dance, and dad's serenade, and I'm hooked. You will be too.