How Offbeat Bride saved me

I have never seen such amazing love, support, and genuine helpfulness from complete strangers. Not only did Offbeat Bride readers help with my problem, they lifted me up, and (pardon the cliche) removed a heavy black cloud from my shoulders. They showed me not only ways to move past my problems, but, in meeting some of them who have already done so, showed me it could actually be done.


Nicoel & Danny's nuptials in the sky

When you only have a tiny ceremony planned, sometimes it's the best opportunity to go BIG with the theme. This gorgeous pair took to the skies for a hot air balloon ride towards marriage! They added in some steampunk fashion details (including a lush blue corseted dress) and champagne brunch, and the day was totally made.


EJ & Nathan's horror movies and octopodes beach wedding

Let me just lay this right here: a tentacle aisle, tentacle bouquets, a pineapple print dress, fold-out fan programs, horror movie centerpieces, and a flesh-eating martian owlopus. You read that right. Oh, and some sage advice meant for a pre-teen that totally applies to all of us. Let us know if you spot the MINGLO, too!


It should be obvious why I love these custom-painted Little Mermaid shoes

FINE YES, my name is Ariel and when The Little Mermaid came out, I was at the height of my high school musical theater career, and could not have been more pleased. To this day, "Part of Your World" is one of my top five karaoke jams. With this in mind, it is of course no surprised that I got a special feeling in my imaginary mermaid gills when I spotted the custom-painted Vans that Shondypie wore at her aquarium wedding. These were custom-painted by Etsy seller SomethingFromTheSun.