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Bridget & Jonathan’s elopement and short wedding film

To end our elopement week we give you Bridget & Jonathan. Instead of having a huge wedding and inviting all their friends and family, Bridget & Jonathan decided to elope privately and turn it into a film. Afterwards they sent DVD’s to their friends and family so that they could share their wedding day with them. How cool?! -Coco

Katie & Nick’s sexy, Southern-fried, black-tie hootenanny

For the reception, the bride had but two demands: fried chicken and Michael Jackson. And she got both.

Julee & Ross’ Casual Quirky Children’s Theatre Wedding

Here’s a really neat venue option… a theater! Lots of stage space, seating and a funky atmosphere to boot! Take a look at some other offbeat venues like cave weddings or movie theater weddings or even zoo weddings! The offbeat bride: Julee, Theatre Education Director Her offbeat partner: Ross, Actor/Director/Playwright Location & date of wedding: […]