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Try to absorb all the awesome at this high tea wedding if you can

It was a steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland extravaganza for which we fell HARD. Chloe loves Tim Burton, Nick love steampunk, and they both love being different in general. This high tea wedding took all these themes up a notch with red silk and lace, mechanical clockwork, and seriously gorgeous fashion WITH top hats. Don’t miss the guests’ fashion, jam favors, and the bride’s red striped gown that slayed us dead.

Combine cultures with tea cup cake toppers

Many weddings nowadays try to effortlessly blend two totally different cultures; this, obviously, can be hard. However, I recently had a great idea on how to blend two seemingly different cultures through an easy subject: tea cups!

Simple afternoon tea wedding menu

Now that we’re back to catering our own wedding (with major help from the wedding party), I whipped up a concrete version of the simple afternoon tea wedding menu that’s been running around in my head. I’m aiming to keep this very very simple to spare us stress and cost and time.

How to make your own “Berry White” tea favors

After getting a tea shop favor quote that was $400 over-budget, one bride decided to come up with her own tea favors on the cheap with a rockin’ name to boot! Here’s how you can do the same.

Channamasala’s colorful, multicultural wedding teaser

Jenna, aka. Tribe member Channamasala explains, “We threw in lots of things that reflected us, without worrying about how they all fit together.” But fit together they totally did…

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s surprise, flashmob, art-piece wedding

Author, Neil Gaiman and artist, performer and musician, Amanda Palmer had a surprise, flashmob wedding in New Orleans which featured, not only a surprise wedding, but surprise top hats, tea cups and a living bride statue.