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Bich & Justin’s culture-mixing Mad Hatter wedding

A cancelled flight, a Yoda pinata, and the couple zorbing in their wedding gear… yep, this wedding is awesome!

Tash & Sean’s fire hooping flow fest wedding

I, myself, am not a big one for tradition and rituals or the concept of marriage in general. However, this was very important for Sean. We had been committed together as life partners for some time now, and Sean had delightful visions of himself as a groom and husband. Marriage was very important for him, and I couldn’t say no to a party where I get to look friggin’ fabulous! So even though we knew that we didn’t need marriage to validate and define our relationship, keep it together, or somehow transform us into a more “loving” and “legit” couple, we decided to do it anyway, because I love him, he loves me, and why the [email protected]#$ not?

Monday Montage: medieval times, gorgeous greenery and shoes

It’s the most wonderful time of the weeeeek. At least it is for me, because on Mondays I get to show you my favorite photos from your fellow readers. This week you’ll see lots of beautiful outdoor weddings, ridiculously happy couples, intimate moments, and some red, white, blue and black.

Michelle & Philip’s multicultural, 1930s wedding and tea ceremony

Michelle & Phillip had a multicultural wedding that took place in a 1930’s Art Deco theatre. But before all that they played Chinese Door games, where the aim is to make the groom and his men do challenges in order to prove himself worthy of the bride and a Tea Ceremony!

Gloria & Pete’s low-budget, fun, Chinese & Western culture fusion wedding

The offbeat bride: Gloria, Event Co-ordinator Her offbeat partner: Pete, Self Employed Location & date of wedding: Favorite picnic spot in Sydney Australia — 22nd November 2009 (Hottest day of the year!) What made our wedding offbeat: One of the things that made the wedding offbeat was that I had two dresses! A traditional white […]