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Do the nay-sayers got ya down about showing off your ink on your wedding day? Then peruse this archive, and feel confident about showing off your full sleeve in your sleeve-less gown. We’ve been featuring tattooed brides since 2007, and have literally over 500 posts dedicated to beautiful brides sporting ink on their wedding days, plus fashion advice for tattooed brides.

Even more tattooed brides

This thread over on Livejournal almost made my head explode with all the gorgeousness of the brides with tattoos. No seriously. These brides are each gorgeous without the ink, but the tattoos enhance the beauty times fifty infinity gazillion. Tasha Hundahl: Unknown bride with Exploding Dog tattoo and amazing hair: LJ user Alexisforever: Head over […]

Inspiring queer wedding in Atlanta

Holy hell. My brain almost exploded from the gorgeousness and sheer amazatude of Aly and Elroi’s stunning wedding in Atlanta. The wedding photography was done by Our Labor of Love and must have cost a fortune because it’s stunning. Aly had a handmade blue dress, and the bad-ass wedding party, Elroi’s smile, and the officiant, and […]

Tattooed brides

Perhaps I’m biased because I had visible tattoos at my wedding, but I just can’t get enough of the inked wedding shots. I love the ways that offbeat brides not only don’t feel the need to hide their tats — they find the most gorgeous ways of showcasing their body adornments.