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Do the nay-sayers got ya down about showing off your ink on your wedding day? Then peruse this archive, and feel confident about showing off your full sleeve in your sleeve-less gown. We’ve been featuring tattooed brides since 2007, and have literally over 500 posts dedicated to beautiful brides sporting ink on their wedding days, plus fashion advice for tattooed brides.

Gothabilly bridal up-do

Study this amazing pin-up bridal hair. Learn from it. Worship it. Lots more pics over here, including my personal fave, which is this one of the bride and her grandmother:

Spikey-haired brides make me swoon

So, remember months ago when I did that post on short haired brides? And I included that one bride with the most awesome spikey hair and the Exploding Dog tattoo? Well, her name is Lindsay and someone tipped her off to the fact that she was on offbeat bride, and now we all get to […]

Pink-haired bride with matching ink

As a fellow pinkie myself, I am totally in love with OBT member Kim Dayman‘s bright pink wedding hair. And is it just me, or does her hair perfectly match her anatomical heart tattoo?

Insanely hot inked bride

Can’t … talk. Busy reconsidering sexual orientation… Tons more photos of gorgeous Danielle’s relatively-traditional-but-heavily-inked wedding over here! Thanks to daniellehampton for the photo!

Kristina & Todd’s classic punk-rock wedding

Tattooed bride and bridal party, a custom ceremony performed by a self-described atheist minister, and punky music selections… Kristina and Todd present the “classic punk rock wedding.”


Things I like about this adorable couple: Groom’s cutie curly mohawk Bride’s dress that hints at gothic, but doesn’t overwhelm Bride’s proudly displayed bridal ink Their cute matching skate shoes! Check out more shots from Brooke and Joe’s wedding. The photographer, Crystal Bock, describes it as “Part gothic-chic, part skater-cool.”