Kerry & Kevin's timey-wimey romantic Earthy wedding

Flower crowns, lush green and blue hues, bright ribbons on the maypole, and a gorgeous, corseted blue gown… I think a fair few of you are going to swoon over this one. Plus, these Earth-loving cuties took their Pagan leanings to the next level in their whole new last name! You have to read about it. Oh, and watch out for the "pair o' Docs" lurking around the dance floor. You can't trust those two.


Rachael & Chris' whimsical tea party wedding

Get your tea cups out, folks, we have an Alice theme going on! A fluffy blue dress, mix-your-own Italian soda bar, lawn games (with croquet, natch!), a goooorgeous garden, and a big ol' top hat brings it all together. Oh, and there's some keen advice on leaving your guests to their own devices when mixing up drinks. It can go awry.


Bethany & Joe's geeky winter church wedding

It's Christmas in May around here! This pair doubled down on ornaments and jingle bells in the bouquets and boutonnieres, to super cute effect. Add in the bride's mini top hat, the bridesmaids' retro twirly skirts, some geeky necklaces and toasting flutes, and the groom's self-described "poodle hair," and you've got fancy fun all over this joint.


Have a movie love affair with this Disney concert hall wedding

Diana and Luke got married in L.A. and wanted to put a little Hollywood magic into their wedding. And trust me, the magic is happening with movie-themed tables, popcorn favors, and ticket stub place cards. It was held in one of those venues that you just can't even take in all at once (the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall!). The acoustics must be out of control, right? Good thing they had Del Atkins to make full use of it with his jazz band.


Elizabeth & Joshua's "spring in winter" orange grove wedding

Orange groves, bee details, and pastel hues: it's the stuff of miracles when snow covers many of us. This wedding also boasts a fabulous handmade dress, potluck food (AND potluck performances!), a tree planting ceremony, and adorable wedding party fashion. So much sweetness, so little time.