Krys & Chris' Scottish picnic wedding in the Redwoods

Lots of DIY, thousands of origami stars, a feathery bouquet, a surprise lightsaber arch… and a bouquet tossed from a trebuchet! For reals, ya'll. Except it went slightly differently than practiced. Plus, you'll want to see how the groom and his best man made up for some lost time in this second marriage. OH, and for something completely rad, take a guess who wore the special Batman garter. It definitely wasn't the bride!


Kim & Dan's beach wedding with a superhero twist

Yarn ball centerpieces, lots of pops of color, superhero Pez dispensers, and wedding-themed comic covers — this is going to be a superhero win! Add in the awesome trolley transport, gorgeous beach setting, and retro style, and you'll be done for. Oh, and you'll never guess what happened with the reception photos! A talented guest was the last-minute save.


Robin & Ken's retro pin-ups and greasers rockabilly wedding

This pair of rockabillies wanted to go all-out with retro style: record place settings, cake centerpieces with tattoo designs, pin-up and greaser stations (for timely coifs!), and a killer band. You have to see what the groom did at the reception to surprise the bride. Let's just say it involves Elvis. Oh, and I think the groom's "cake" will appeal to some of you.


Kerry & Kevin's timey-wimey romantic Earthy wedding

Flower crowns, lush green and blue hues, bright ribbons on the maypole, and a gorgeous, corseted blue gown… I think a fair few of you are going to swoon over this one. Plus, these Earth-loving cuties took their Pagan leanings to the next level in their whole new last name! You have to read about it. Oh, and watch out for the "pair o' Docs" lurking around the dance floor. You can't trust those two.


Rachael & Chris' whimsical tea party wedding

Get your tea cups out, folks, we have an Alice theme going on! A fluffy blue dress, mix-your-own Italian soda bar, lawn games (with croquet, natch!), a goooorgeous garden, and a big ol' top hat brings it all together. Oh, and there's some keen advice on leaving your guests to their own devices when mixing up drinks. It can go awry.