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A New York confectionery wedding with smoke bombs, viking horns, & a haunted paintball field

Tara and Mike decided to do something more industrial-themed for their New York wedding. They brewed large batches of mead (Tara makes the most incredible mead) for their wedding and anniversaries to come.

The day itself was incredible. Think smoke bombs, dinosaurs, haunted hay paintball fields, drinking horns, an epic groom’s cake of Cthulhu rising from the abyss with miniatures, and so much more.

An ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon wedding over Palm Springs

An ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon elopement over Palm Springs

Caity and Tim are two adventurers from Australia who had planned a cross-country road trip that began with a sunrise elopement in a hot air balloon that floated over the Palm Springs desert. After they touched down, it was on to exploring the desert towns and meandering back to the hotel for brunch by the pool. They then planned the rest of their cross-country road trip across America.

Just wait until you see this ultra chic high-flying hot air balloon wedding…

A goth castle wedding in Ireland with a stroll through the cemetery

A goth castle wedding in Ireland with a stroll through the cemetery

Deirdre and Dylan planned the goth wedding of their dreams at Blackwater Castle in Castletownroche, Cork, Ireland. They started with a gorgeous church ceremony, then some creepy-chic portraits in the cemetery, and finally into the seriously majestic castle for dinner and celebration.

This Las Vegas elopement took Elvis on the road and finished up with pancakes galore

This Las Vegas wedding took Elvis on the road and finished up with pancakes galore

Anna and Bryon’s Las Vegas elopement had everything we love about Vegas: a classic Elvis impersonator officiant, a playing card boutonniere, lots of DIY that matched Las Vegas style (look out for the big dice “bouquet!”), and a pancake reception (with a playing card pancake topper!).

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A fairylit wedding in the woods (with flower kitty and folk dancing)

“It was a woodsy, naturalistic fall-themed wedding with twinkling lights all around. The magpie aesthetic showcased the uniqueness of found items, like an old chandelier hanging from a tree, a tiny bicycle covered with ivy, a table made from an old tree stump. The setup followed the natural curvature of the forest, which led to an asymmetrical seating pattern and the bridal party coming in from the side.” Just from that you can tell this wedding is going to be SOMETHING. Get ready to be wowed by the beauty of this fairylit wedding in the woods…

A Malagasy-American intimate Whidbey Island backyard wedding

Elsie and Dilphe met in Madagascar while Elsie was serving in the Peace Corps. They now live in Seattle, but Elsie’s family history lies in Whidbey Island where they got married in her parents’ backyard. Dilphe’s siblings were able to travel from Madagascar for the wedding so this day was solely set aside for just pure fun and family.

Let’s take a look at this lush and beautiful Whidbey Island backyard wedding…