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Sometimes you gotta know when to step away from wedding planning for a while. It’s important!

Here are the 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

The 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

Is it getting down to the wire? Wedding date almost here?! Have you had these six big ol’ convos with your partner yet? Oh, it’s on. Time to start waylaying fears, saying thanks, and talk about TV shows. Wait, what? Yep, all of the above need to happen stat. Here are the six discussions before the wedding that probably need to happen.

Putting on the blinders: How I avoid wedding decision fatigue

Pinterest is a blessing and a curse, as we all know. The dresses! The centerpieces! The colour schemes! The hairstyles! I was so concerned that I’d keep changing my mind on things and either never make decisions, or lose a lot of money chasing different dreams. So I solved that issue. And the solution is simple…

6 magical ways to banish negativity from wedding planning

I’ve been a pretty pessimistic person my entire life, or, as I like to say, a “realist.” So when I got engaged it was pretty much business as usual. Somewhere down the line, though, I realized how much energy it took to be negative about the whole thing — to be the dissenting voice in a crowd of YAYOMGZ was flat out exhausting. Yet I couldn’t fake the enthusiasm surrounding the circus of wedding planning, so what do I do?

I promise not to let being the center of attention go to my head: My vows for wedding planning

Wedding planning getting you down or feeling overwhelming? You might to exchange wedding planning vows with Offbeat Bride Brigitte Fires. Yes, we said “wedding planning vows” — maybe the second most important vows you’ll ever make.

It took a camping trip to gain the perspective that saved our wedding

I hear it said that “everyone has pre-wedding jitters” — what ifs and cold feet. But I had a full-on panic. Like, “I woke up crying and told my fiancé that I wanted to cancel the wedding” kind of panic. I came home that same day to a living room full of camping supplies. My fiance said that he had to get me out of here. Too tired to fight it, I allowed myself to be scooped into a car packed with blankets and hot dogs, and driven two hours out into the wilderness. It saved our wedding.

How postponing my wedding saved my marriage

“It’s just one day,” I said to myself nervously. “It’s the marriage after that matters.”

I repeated that like a mantra while I continued with the plans for a day I didn’t want to have, not at that time or in that way. I had made promises, printed invitations, spent the money I was given for the “big day.”

Wouldn’t I be letting everyone down if I cancelled or postponed? I kept my mouth shut while guilt and nerves churned in my stomach.