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My crop top wedding dress will not be timeless... and that's totally okay

My crop top wedding dress will not be timeless… and that’s totally okay

During my current brief stint in the apocalyptic landscape that is the contemporary wedding industry, an insidious pressure has latched itself onto my consciousness. The pressure to be Timeless, Classic, and Elegant. But on many months of tortured reflection about being my Most Beautiful Self, here is the terrifying secret I’ve come to discover. And it all comes back to my crop top wedding dress…

Why you’re not supposed to like everything you see on Offbeat Bride

Part of why I continue to run Offbeat Bride is because it’s an excuse to get exposed to a whole big wide range of cultures and styles and people and design outside my daily experience.

Sheva & Jared’s dark, elegant wedding with a twist of tacky Halloween fun

Offbeat Bride: Sheva, Hairstylist Her Offbeat Partner: Jared, Cad specialist Location & date of wedding: Castle on the Hudson, Tarrytown, NY — October 31st, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Jared and I hate the traditional, and dread going to weddings. We decided to throw a huge bash on our favorite holiday, Halloween. To ensure […]

Questions from you: Strangest weddings, what inspired me to start OBB, what I regret from my wedding, and more!

Inspired by Princess Lasertron (because really, who isn’t?) I’ve decided to start doing a semi-regular feature where I answer reader questions. Not, like, wedding advice questions. But questions about other stuff — the site, the world, whatever. Here are the first batch of questions, which came in via Offbeat Bride’s Facebook page: At OBB, we’re […]

Is a potluck wedding tacky or is it OK to ask your guests to bring food to your wedding reception?

Is it OK to ask your guests to bring food to your wedding? Is a potluck wedding reception OK? Yes, and YES. Here’s how to have a potluck wedding reception that works for everyone.

Gem & Mel’s gay retro/ska british beach bonanza

Gem and Mel wanted a wedding day that would fulfill their dressing up fantasies, even if that meant just being really comfortable — or having their son dress up as Troy Bolton from High School Musical.