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A Scotland wedding with an electric blue gown and a sword fight

These two met during a charity clunker car race from London to Mongolia. While that’s cool enough, their wedding takes the cake with the bride’s fantastic gown and the couple’s first sword fight.

Liz & Kevin’s handmade, well-armed wedding party of adventurers

Rainbow socks? Check. Swords? Check. Post-wedding hair cut? Check. Life-size cut out of groomsman walked down the aisle by the bridesman? Hell to the yes!

Emma & Jon’s sandy, handfasting, Celtic wedding celebration

Down unda, it’s actually summer right now and tropical Darwin, on Australia’s northern coast, is ALWAYS hot. Day 4 of Beach Week will now make all of us freezing are asses off jealous of Emma & Jon’s holy-shit-amazeballs wedding AND the temperature.

Jessica & Joseph’s steampunk/neo-Victorian gamer love celebration wedding

You may remember Jes’s two fabulous dresses from the Monday Montage a few weeks back. This thoughtful, geeky, steampunk wedding won’t disappoint. -Becca

Gina & Frank’s circus-freak, carnival wedding and sideshow

Gina & Frank showed their life long commitment to each other by getting ring tattoos during their ceremony! This fit in perfectly with their tattoo-filled, circus side-show themed wedding.

Kill Bill-themed wedding portraits

Number 9 Photography shared with us some photos from Nikki and Clint’s Kill Bill-themed wedding. These are my fav shots…