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Rachel & Tom’s Ultimate DIY Halloween Party with Nuptials

Rachel & Tom’s wedding doubled as a killer Halloween party: including eyeball sangria, sugar skulls, spider webs, and lots of hidden flasks.

April & David’s Benevolent and Affable Order of the Jackalope

April & David love theme parties so they used their wedding as an excuse to throw a party with a theme of, “The Lodge of the Jackalope,” a fraternal Lodge in the 1950’s. Without giving too much away the best moment was an improvised line from the “Grand Buck” during the exchanging of the Pez.

Red and turquoise wedding awesomeness with a cute dog

Hey, remember the adorable first swing dancing couple that we featured a little while back from OBT member bmwbzz? Well their wedding porn is as amazing as their first dance.

Ragani & Will’s Cinematic Gala & Music Spectacular Wedding

This is sort of an Offbeat Bride family wedding. Not only is it the wedding of longtime OBT member Ragani — but it was the first wedding that Managing Editor Megan ever photographed. Kudos to Ragani & Will for taking a chance on an a newbie wedding photographer.   The offbeat bride: Ragani, Art Director […]

Chrissy & Andre’s 1940s Art Deco Glamour Wedding

The offbeat bride: Chrissy, Jewelry Designer Her offbeat partner: Andre, Special Effects Tech Location & date of wedding: Eglinton Grand in Toronto Ontario on May 1st 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: The day started by us gals getting ready… the bridal party looked so amazing in their 40’s outfits & hair, pin up girl […]

This musical theater couple’s wedding was as show called “Wedding: The Musical”

We wrote and produced Wedding! The Musical and had our friends star in it with us. Not only was there popcorn and commemorative posters sold pre-show along with a mime, during the “show” there was music, dancing, lip synching, a trapeze swing, skits to tell the story of our relationship, and eventually a ceremony complete with a ringleader, fire, and uh, missing rings. We also spent 3 months learning a choreographed swing dance and pretended to get in a huge fight in front of the 225 guests before sailing into said dance.