How we're making a Swedish kissing tradition into a poly-friendly, queer-friendly wedding ritual

My fiancé and I hold ethical non-monogamy as one of the values at the core of our relationship. So we are determined to make sure that value is represented at our microwedding. While researching wedding customs traditional to our ethnic backgrounds, we discovered that there actually exists a ritual that’s time-honored, joyful, culturally-specific, and non-monogamous…

The Swedish kissing tradition!


A surprise fantasy viking wedding in Sweden with handmade dresses(!)

Åsa and Nina got married at the VikingaTider in Löddeköpinge, in the south of Sweden. It's an archaeological open-air museum focusing on Vikings and the early Middle Ages. It was a fantasy viking wedding theme(!) and they even made their own dresses! The ceremony had singing and circle dancing and all-around good times for all guests and vikings alike.


Sabina & Mattias' "far longer than forever" gothic wedding

For this Swedish couple, 'til death do us part just isn't going to work. They embraced the theme, "Far longer than forever," complete with skeletons to represent everlasting love. With rich red and black details and a gorgeous church backdrop, we'll be in love with this wedding forever, too. Oh, and just wait until you see their matching skeleton shoes!