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Charlie & Blaine’s 1950s style skull wedding

Glittery skulls, bangin’ victory rolls, and some AMAZING shoulder jewelry make this outdoor love fest into a chic little retro-inspired wedding. And don’t miss the candle unity ceremony (with grandmother cameos!), a flower girl who totally nailed her job, and a Corvette entrance to the ceremony.

Up your wedding outfit’s sexiness with leather harnesses

If you’re looking for a seriously stylish and sexy way to hint at your love of kink, or you’re putting together an outfit for a collaring ceremony, OR you simply need an edgy accessory for your wedding outfit, consider a harness like these ones from Zana Bayne. Imagine the above outfit with a jacket overtop, the harness just peeking through. …Turned on yet?

Navy suit, gingham shirt, slim tie, and vans: advice for grooms on how to find their style

Ok, so I guess today we’re just all about fashion. That’s ok, right? Especially when it involves the amazing fashion of groom Anthony Barlich, one of the founders of Chicago’s Hitch & Sparrow. Anthony rocked a navy suit, silver tie, and gingham shirt, with striped socks and grey Vans. (Topped off by Warby Parker glasses.) Darren from Well Groomed recently did a twopart post series interviewing Anthony about his fashion and guidance for grooms looking to find their own vision in a sea of anonymous suits.

Make your own suspenders

Whether you’re looking to make your own menswear accessories, or your own femswear accessories, we’ve got you covered. Suspenders are so chic, can be easily personalized, and are so easy to make!

Sarah & Bryan’s nerdy barn bash wedding

High fives all around for this wedding! They started with a mission statement of sorts, and stuck to it with style. From the canned preserves favors to the beverage tickets to the treat-before-you-seat, this couple made their guests feel welcome to their new family.

Lynsey & Dominic’s retro musical comic book-ish wedding

A retro look and snazzy suspenders only barely hold back a party of superheroes at this wedding. From the paper flower bouquets made from family heirloom sheet music to the groom’s red cape, this couple really infused their wedding with their favorite things. Follow the bat signal (or the ’50s music) to see more…