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A capelet, cootie catchers, and a giant doughnut at this Georgia wedding

Emily and Tim take the prize for masters of subtlety. At a glance, you may not even notice the bitchin’ geeky and superhero details because everything is just so damned elegant! But those details are there and they are FUN: a little red capelet (to match Emily’s subtle fire engine red hair streaks), D20 cookie favors, and their Batman and Superman sneakers.

Aussie anime lovers tie the knot

One thing you must know about this couple, Karl and Kristina, is that they had this engagement shoot. Yep, that’s a cosplay of the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which was a shared interest when they met. Their wedding, while not an exercise in cosplay, totally had veins of their anime love throughout (including the main characters of their favorite show as the cake toppers!).

Alyssa & Davey’s fireworks and comic books wedding

Superheroes, NERF guns, fancy lighting, and an epic fireworks show with heart-shaped fireworks? You know we’re in like Flynn. Just try and hold back the goosebumps when you hear what the best man said to his big brother. SO CUTE! We’re in for geeky, we’re in for awesome… we’re in for geeky awesome!

Alternative garters for sexy, geeky, and bad-ass legs

Beth wore both a Joker garter AND a Wonder Woman garter to honor her and her groom’s geekdom loves. I loved this so much that I had to seek and find some other offbeat garters for the extra special offbeat leg to don. I found goth garters, Doctor Who garters, Harry Potter garters, and even a zombie garter.

Derpin’, dancin’, and superhero-ing: readers know how to do it

It’s a new work week and we’re back to show off what the readers shared in our Monday Montage. It seemed like everyone was looking vintage fashionable and dancing. And then we’re thrown for a loop by some superhero additions including superhero guests, superhero shoes (that you can actually buy), and even a Wonder Woman shoe tutorial. Let’s get it started with all the best from the Offbeat Flickr Pool and the Offbeat Pinterest account.

Amanda & Jose’s DIY superhero wedding

A love of DIY and a love of comic book superheros was just the start of the planning for this party. Deciding on a live band was a compromise that paid off. Plus, they said their vows in the same church Amanda’s grandmother attended and in which her great-great-grandparents were married. Aww!