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Wedding hair inspiration: Black floral crown

Let’s take a break for a little wedding hair inspo! I love me the rare and beautifully shocking black wedding head piece. In fact, this entire look — red hair, dark matte lips, and smokey cat eye — is perfect for your Fall wedding style.

This Jessica Rabbit bridal look had us saying, “How do I love thee?”

This styled shoot of a modern-day Jessica Rabbit bride features bright red wavy hair and a backless dress that would make Jessica proud.

I’m craving this skull cravat pin

This skull cravat pin totally transforms a black on black on black shirt/tie/vest combo into something more personal, more edgy, and somehow at once more fancy. You can snag a set of three similar skulls here and outfit anyone with a tie!

Spiked chain-linked brooches for your naked collar

Your wedding outfit has a collar, but you don’t want a tie. You’re looking for something a little more heavy metal than silk. What are your options? What about adding some spikes and a chain to your button-down!

Preserve a piece of your outdoor wedding site in a necklace

Stacie at Stars for Streetlights came up with a rad way to preserve a little piece of your ceremony site: use some local rocks to craft up a necklace! Or you could use some rocks from a meaningful place and wear it to the wedding itself.

Feed your inner Rainbow Brite with this happy cloud manicure

My inner Rainbow Brite is squeeing over this manicure. Plus, compared to some manicures (I’m looking at you, swirly!), this one looks very doable. Camille at even created this awesome little animated tutorial, which is exactly what I need when it comes to nails: elementary hand-holding for the ham-fisted.