Jamie & Jon's three-day summer camp wedding

Let's reminisce about being a kid with this summer camp wedding complete with crayons, popcorn favors, a "Hershey's Kiss girl" instead of a flower girl, a camp out with a fire juggler, and an AMAZING pink ruffled corset gown (you may remember from here). Plus, get a load of the adorable matchy-match father and son kilts! My heart… I swoon! All that plus the sweetest groom-gets-teary first look ever.


The adorable summer camp wedding that'll make you say "awww" at least once!

Holy pink fluffy wonder cats! Get a peep at the latest Flickr pool uploads that have been tweaking out our brains in all sorts of fantastical ways. Not only did this wedding have the most "adorable" fashion — fluffy ombre skirt with a pink corset + a dude in a kilt!? — it also had pretty much everything one could want out of a wedding celebration. "Including fire?" you ask. Yes, including lots of fire…


3 unconventional (and surprisingly affordable!) Los Angeles wedding venues

ZOMG, getting married in Los Angeles is so fucking expensive. The wedding industry is stupidly pricey already, but then add a major city into the mix — especially a city that throws million dollar parties weekly — and finding a place to get hitched with a $10K budget become seemingly impossible. But no fear, Kimmypossible is here, to reveal six surprisingly sensational venues I found in Los Angeles that are as fun as they are freakishly cheap.


The happiest gay lumberjack wedding ever

I got completely immersed in the photos sent from Kristen Marie Photography, and was cheering along with the guests (you'll see what I mean when you get there). She described this as a "gay lumberjack" wedding, which is just fantastic. There's summer camp/scouting influences, talent shows, tubing down a river, log cutting, and the happiest faces ever. Plus, it's in Washington, so it's legal. Seriously, just start looking.


Ellen & Paul's summer camp peacock handfasting

Rising from the depths of the lake at summer camp, it's…. the most adorable crocheted Cthulhu bride and groom cake toppers — the little bride Cthulhu with her peek of peacock dress and the little groom Cthulhu in his kilt and beard. This wedding embraced the gentle nods to weird and sweet personal touches, but shining smiles and hearty laughs win the day.