A snowy and sexy Valentine's Day engagement shoot

We're in a total lovey-dovey Valentine's Day mood and this styled engagement shoot from Karen Menyhart Weddings hit the sweet spot in our romantic hearts. From roaring fires in gorgeous venues to snowy streets and sweet kisses, this is one sexy shoot. Let it inspire your own V-day engagement shoot ideas, or just bask in the hotness like we are.


A sexy and dark Valentine's Day look with inspiration from The Crow

This dark Valentine's Day shoot is glamorously cool with moody reds, greys, and rich purples as the color palette and The Crow as aesthetic inspiration. We love us some pastels, but sometimes you just want to savor the dark side. Add in a '20s-inspired dress, a few red hearts, a bunch of lush florals, and a wicked helipad venue,
Ventanas in Atlanta, and you've got our new favorite dark Valentine's Day look.


Why we don't often feature styled shoots on Offbeat Bride

Are you familiar with this concept of styled shoots? It's when wedding vendors team up together to create a fantasy weddings, showing off what they can do. I totally get why styled shoots are great for vendors — it gives folks a chance to show off the kind of work they WANT to do — but we have a clear policy to never ever feature them on Offbeat Bride, and here's why…