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Striped wedding heels

Y’all know I loved striped wedding dresses… but what about striped shoes? Today, I am here with a boat-load full of striped wedding shoes. I’ve got a range, from black and white Tim Burton-esque whimsical, to more nautical styles, to rainbow tiger stripes (!?). For those of you who love flats, I’ve got a random bonus shoe for you…

Violetta & Jason’s funky chicken dance-off wedding

Violetta & Jason had a quick ceremony at city hall (with their dog as Best Man!) and then an impromptu fall foliage photo shoot. Later they had a small dinner with friends to celebrate and then a funky chicken dance off at their local bar.

Breathtaking fairytale wedding dresses from Stiltskin’s Spindle

Stiltskin’s Spindle is a new wedding design company based in Canada and serving the globe. As the name suggests, they offer the nontraditional wedding seeker a selection of dresses inspired by fairy tales, fantasy, and historical periods that. Their designs focus on bold patterns, extravagant looks, and they top it all off with some pretty incredible photo shoots. You’re guys are going to loooooove these…

Danielle & Banger’s gothique, Burton-esque, New Orleans, voodoo, Hallows-Eve, handfasting

Remember when Ariel got all jumpy and hand-clappy over that gorgeous goth stripey bride? Where here she is with the whole gorgeous goth wedding details! The offbeat bride: Danielle, Comedic Actress, Usui Reiki Master, Village Witch & Tarot Reader (and OBT member “Danielle“) Her offbeat partner: Banger: Semi Professional Musician, Financial Services Consultant Location & […]

Wedding corsets and gowns from Starkers! Corsetry

Sure, Starkers! Corsetry does traditional wedding gowns … but they definitely specialize in offbeat corset-based wedding attire: black & white, red, vinyl, stripes, Gothic wedding gowns, and oooh so much more. Starkers! corsets and gowns can be created for any size, from teeny petite-y to plus sized, and are almost always two piece, so you […]

Michelle & Jason’s costume party picnic extravaganza

The offbeat bride: Michelle, Woodshop Maven Her offbeat partner: Jason, Clockmaker Location & date of wedding: Friend’s backyard in Audubon PA, near Philly. July 19, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted a wedding that was simple, low budget, and entirely ours. Our budget was very modest but we had complete editorial control. Also, […]