Karen & Terry's steampunk, peacock, and pop culture wedding

You guys, this wedding will fulfill many desires: steampunk gear, Adventure Time decor, World of Warcraft bunting, and board games galore. It's everything our geeky hearts love. Add in the gorgeous paper flower bouquets, the live-action re-telling of A Lovely Love Story, and the airships and rockets, and you're in for a wild, pop-cultured filled ride with these cuties.


Diana & Shannon's steampunk zoo sci-fi wedding

This sci-fi and steampunk-loving wedding is so full of DIY projects and amazing sights, you'll be pretty damn dazzled. Add in the amazing Beatles cover band, their "steampunk bling table," and of course, the San Diego Zoo setting, and you're in for animals, costumes, and a good ol' time.


Ashley & Jake's steampunk adventure trolley wedding

There are a few ways to avoid a bunch of time-consuming group portraits, but this one is one of our favorites. These two rented an open air brass-railed trolley for a perfectly suited steampunk backdrop for their photo shoot! Add that to the bride's handmade reception gown, amazing steamy costumes, and a gamer-themed musical at the reception, and you'll be totally transported. Oh, and wait until you see who ended up wearing a white wedding gown. Hint: it wasn't the bride!


Cristin & Frank's Nightmare Before Christmas wedding

An intricate headpiece, a lush brooch bouquet, a Renaissance-style purple and black dress, and some Nightmare Before Christmas details — it's a wedding any Tim Burton fan would love. With lots of DIY and a casual vibe, everyone seemed right at home. Plus, don't miss the canine ring bearer in a shmancy top hat!