Monday Montage: lovely ladies, staggering steampunks, gorgeous goths and dazzling dancers

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to repeat what Ariel said. I am also incredibly thankful for all of you and for the hours of joy and LOLs that all of your wedding photos provide me. Give yourself a high-five, because you rock! Anyway, getting back to business, this week's Monday Montage starts off with a bang (pun intended ;)). It also has some impressive lookin' ladies, a little steam-punk, a little goth, a few umbrellas and some good old fashioned boogie time.


Sonja & Wade's original, retro, steamPUNK DIY wedding

When I saw this wedding in the OBB Flickr Pool, I was like "OMG! I must know everything about this amazing red haired, punk rock, mohawk wedding! EVERYTHING!" And it was WAY awesomer than I thought — there is a body modification ceremony, co-mohawks, the Looney Tunes theme song, and a DIY cake. As Megan said recently, while all of us love all kinds of Offbeat weddings, we, also, all have our own fantastic brand of Offbeat. This is mine, y'all! Enjoy! – Becca


Monday Montage: owls, thumbs, and swords OH MY!

In an attempt to brighten up a typically bleak monday I present to you another edition of the Monday Montage. It was difficult to chose which pictures I wanted to feature from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool this week as there are so many exciting photos these days. This week we have a few furry friends, an epic thumb war and a steam-punk engagement shoot on a train! REMINDER, you can always click on a photo to see more!