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Wedding ideas on a budget? Hell yeah. Wedding ideas for fall weddings for fall? So many. Yes, it’s okay to steal any of these unique wedding ideas… that’s what they’re there for! You may also want to follow us on Pinterest — our pins are basically a steady stream of creative ideas to steal.

A unique unity ceremony idea for breakfast lovers

This unique unity ceremony involves the couple’s love of breakfast foods. Not only is it serving deliciousness, but there are so many powerful breakfast metaphors for marriage. Savory and sentimental? We’re in!

9 inclusive alternatives to the bouquet and garter toss

What can you do instead of a bouquet and garter toss? We absolutely love how these married folks found a new spin on this old wedding tradition! Here are a few creative and inclusive alternatives to the bouquet and garter toss.

Barefoot wedding? Have a SHOE CHECK!

You know how black-tie affairs have coat checks? Well, a barefoot wedding needs a SHOE CHECK!

Try a balloon-fasting instead of a handfasting as a unique unity ceremony

Since this was our second wedding ceremony, we wanted to find a way to make our celebration feel new to us, while still incorporating a ritual that would be recognizable and meaningful to attending family and friends. Behold: THE BALLOON-FASTING! 

Steal these 10 fun and unique engagement photo ideas

Looking for nontraditional engagement photo ideas that really showcase your personality? We’ve got a plethora of quirky, fun, playful, romantic, and even sexy engagement photos that’ll inspire you to plan a shoot that’s authentically you!

Honey wedding favors are an inside joke for couples who met on Bumble

These days, it seems like most couples meet on dating apps. If you and your sweety met on Bumble, and you want to have a brilliantly subtle little nod to your meet-cute origin story at your wedding, here’s the perfect idea: HONEY wedding favors.