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A soon-to-be mama & her handsome groom elope in the mountains of Glacier National Park

How I’m throwing a $3k wedding: 7 tips for saving money

My partner and I are have a $3,000 wedding budget for our wedding this fall. Throughout the planning, we’re managing to actually stick closely to our budget. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Class tables and butterbeer at this magical Harry Potter-themed wedding

Class tables and butterbeer at this magical, SUPER detailed Harry Potter-themed wedding

I know I’ve said I’ve seen it all when it comes to Harry Potter-themed weddings, but this one REALLY kicks some ass when it comes to amazing and magical Harry Potter details. They had class tables for Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Astronomy, History of Magic, Divination, and Quidditch, AND house tables. There were even floating candles in a room that was literally called “The Great Hall.” Grab yourself a drink called “Alas, Earwax” and come see all the stunning details…

Libbie & Paul’s Emerald City to Red Rocks road trip wedding

This couple fell in love with Arches National Park as well as with each other, so it was only natural that they seal the deal among the majestic red rocks, destination-style. With a reception held in their native Seattle, it boasted the best of both worlds. But one of our favorite parts is the bride’s handmade paper flower bouquet — it will blow you away!

Brandi & Jonah’s pinwheels and cheesecake state park wedding

The details in this wedding are ultra fun: pinwheels, a crocheted bouquet and boutonnieres, lawn games in the park, a purty ring puppy… not to mention a Mexican buffet and a meaningful cheesecake! Yep, meaningful. You’ll see why. This bride completely battled through a new diagnosis to get through wedding planning, and her love and perseverance shine. Plus, she has some advice for taking on the haters that any of ya’ll can use.

Katina & Nefi’s intimate DIY state park wedding

Things to love about this gorgeous forest-y wedding: comic book paper flowers, the bride’s amazing vintage dress, their geeky location signs, lots of DIY projects, and their mutual deep love of FOOD (and each other!). Plus, they are both chic as hell. Wait until you hear the bride’s sneaky trick on the groom. Hint: it involves cake.

As long as it’s legal and the wind allows: Offbeat weddings and honeymoons in Aruba!

One of the big perks of working for Offbeat Bride is that every once in a while Ariel and I get to go on wedding industry press trips. These usually involve visting awesome wedding and honeymoon destinations. This time I got to check out all that Aruba has to offer. Any one planning an Aruban wedding or honeymoon? You just might be after reading this…