Science and tech nerds: these scientific invitation suites inject mad scientist vibes into your wedding

Are you planning a science-themed wedding? Having a chemistry-inspired unity ceremony? Just love nerding out to science and all things tech? Want some custom-designed Mr. Robot-inspired tech invites (please say yes oh my glob!)? Your science-y wedding game will be STEPPED UP with a science-meets-art invitation suite from our ultra talented design partner, Athena and Aphrodite.


Starry-eyed shoes for your twinkly toes

We can pretend that this shoe post is in honor of the 4th of July and stars and stripes and patriotism and USA! USA! USA! but whatever: y'all know I just like some over-the-top shoes, and star-emblazoned shoes perfectly meet my standards for over-the-top-ness. I certainly don't think stars OR stripes should be only about patriotism, so let's just appreciate stars for being fantastical and cosmic.


Our short, agnostic, stars and moon wedding ceremony script

I wrote this ceremony script with the help of Offbeat Bride, and I am really happy with the results. My very non-religious, scientific-minded fianc√© is very happy with it as well. My mom, who has always told me that we are made of star dust, is absolutely in love with the Carl Sagan reading we selected for her. I am really excited about the music sections, and to share my ceremony with you…