Heather & Johnathan's nerdy summer picnic wedding

These two had some interesting dilemmas: managing expectations from a very Catholic family and a not-so-Catholic family, balancing the needs of disabilities and the recovery community, and having a super low budget. But we can all learn from this bride's kick-ass attitude about keeping things accessible and authentic! Plus, we're totally behind any wedding that ends with a D&D campaign.


Markus & Coley's apocalypse wedding of the future

This amazing glow-in-the-dark zombie-infested wedding is brought to you in part by SCIENCE! The offbeat groom gives us all the deets — including how the couple walked back down the aisle and straight into the Apollo test capsule. Find out how they made their unity ceremony glow and tune in to find out what song zombies will instinctively break into… hint: it'll give you a thrill!


Cindy & Joe's steampunk sci-fi DIY wedding

Cost-effectiveness, steampunk, fun times, and recycling were the tenets of this wedding. Those along with a whole lot of style! With some geeky references and really sweet love letters (full of psychic connections!), this steampunk wedding will definitely leave you thinking that these two were meant to be.


Kate & Alex's sci-fi/fantasy nerd mash-up weddingCon

I'm a nerd. You or someone you love might be a nerd. If so, this is your wedding paradise. It's a nerd-splosion of pop culture and every geek-loving reference you can imagine. Their vows are practically a word puzzle to see how many references you can count. These two cuties are authentic to their shared loves and it's easy to get on the love bandwagon with them.